“Sheréll Cunningham has a passion and zest for life which is truly inspiring. Feisty, unconventional and forthright, her story is a remarkable tale of ambition, adventure and triumph over adversity, told with down-to-earth realism and self-deprecating good humour. Listening to Sheréll is an uplifting, heart warming experience, and she is a fine example of what can be achieved with a single minded determination to succeed, and by refusing to take no for an answer.”
- John Simonett, Professional Speaker and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association
“Totally inspirational, what a life!!”
- Stuart Andrews, Associated British Housing
“Committed, dynamic, innovative . . .  and unique”
- Dr Francine Baker, Solicitor and Academic
“Sherell Cunningham is one of life's characters, not a person to be trifled with but a lady who rightly recognises that the world belongs to all people, not just men, and lunch really doesn't come for free. 

Sherell has had quite an adventurous life, both in and out of business, and now she has decided to tell her story you can expect many people will find it both inspiring and motivationa
- James Williams, Director - CS World Services Ltd
“Thank you so much for an excellent evening . We all thoroughly enjoyed the talk and your tales of flying in Africa were very interesting amusing and very well told.”
- Bob Paterson, Speaker Secretary - Rotary Club of Gloucester Severn
Created for Sheréll Cunningham by Anuschka Astley ©
Skytrader and The Dowager Duchess - “Sheréll Cunningham, dashing air charter pilot and daring aviator, recounted her wild exploits in war torn Africa with great gusto to an enthralled Club audience”.
- Jeremy Warner, Rotary Club of Stonehouse
“Sheréll kindly joined us as a guest speaker at a ladiesí luncheon organised by, Market Harborough Tangent and 41 club in support of Tangent National President, Gill Preston’s charity, ‘Young Carers’ part of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Sheréll successfully entertained a large audience of ladies, with stories of her adventures in Africa running her own airline. The audience were enthralled by how she has managed to succeed as a woman in what is very much a manís world. Her life demonstrates what can be achieved by drive and determination to overcome the odds – a lesson to us all.

For some times afterwards she left us talking and seeking answers about her life and adventures. We look forward to reading the Autobiography that may provide the answers to the questions and perhaps watching the adventures unfold on the large screen one day”.
- Gill Preston  - Tangent National President
“On behalf of our Rotary Club, I would like to thank you very much for a most interesting and dramatic presentation last week.  I, as speaker adminstrator, was not sure what to expect! You provided an evening of entertainment with the audience held in suspense, wondering what was going to happen next! Particularly when you commenced your talk with the Land Rover episode in the jungle!

I have been congratulated on the quality of our speakers and all I can say is that you were one of the very best.

With best wishes for your future career.”

- Michael Stevens, Speaker Administrator, Rotary Club of Cheltenham North
“Your life story was absolutely fascinating and put over in such a lively and interesting fashion”.
- Richard Purdon, President - Rotary Club of Cheltenham North
“Your talk was very well received by the Club members who were enthralled by your exploits. It's difficult to imagine how one person can pack so much activity and indeed adventure into one lifetime and clearly you have a lot still to go with lots of time left to pack it in. To do all the things you did takes courage, determination and persistence not to mention ability and belief in oneself; these qualities certainly came through in your talk.”
- Hugh O'Hare, Rotary Club Reading Erlegh
NEW - “What a gripping talk. Your performance kept us on the edge of our seats, wondering what scrape you would get out of next. What a life story!”
- Jon Beeny, Speaker Secretary Stour Valley Probus